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So… my film is showing at a real cinema in Harlem, New York, what’s more it is showing at the prestigious Maysles Cinema – can you even imagine – below are all the details – please spread the word…. there is a popcorn machine too!

Saturday 21st August 2010 3pm-5pm

COLAGE New York presents: Raising Hell

A film by, for and about the children of lesbian and gay parents.

Dir. Ed Webb-Ingall 2010

30 mins, followed by panel discussion with the film maker and members of COLAGE

This half hour documentary tells the often ignored and unknown story of the children of Lesbian and Gay parents from a personal and political viewpoint. Set alongside an examination of the rich social and political history of Lesbian and Gay parents from the late 1960s to the present day, the film combines found footage and history with on-camera interviews with the children of lesbian and gay parents in the UK aged 12 to 35. This film was made with kids at the heart. The filmmaker was keen to create a safe space where kids can be seen to be speaking freely and openly about their experiences without having to be poster kids for “perfect families.” Instead of perpetuating the myth of the perfect family, or the perfect childhood, this film shows kids who, whatever they felt about their families, didn’t want to change or hide them, but be proud of who and what they have made them.

Through researching, developing and screening this film Ed Webb-Ingall hopes at once to normalise and elaborate on the experiences of the children of lesbian and gay parents.

COLAGE is a national movement of children, youth, and adults with one or more lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer (LGBTQ) parent/s. We build community and work toward social justice through youth empowerment, leadership development, education, and advocacy.




343 Malcolm X Blvd / Lenox Ave (Between 127th and 128th Streets) nearest subway 125th on the 2 and 3, just 2 blocks away
contact us: cinema@mayslesinstitute.org

Donations taken on the door – no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

21st August 3-5pm


Since the trailer went live…


this has been a crazy week for me, finished the film, had it shown at the BFI, the cinema of my dreams, had phone calls and talks about screenings and now, having just checked, i have had 858 plays of my trailer in 3 days! so exciting and I was posted on

Mombian » Blog Archive » Raising Hell: The Children of Lesbian and

By Dana
Now comes word of Raising Hell, a half-hour documentary by Ed Webb-Ingall that profiles the experiences of the young adult and adult children of lesbian and gay parents in the U.K., starting back in the late 1960’s.
Mombian – http://www.mombian.com/

which was really sweet, I am hoping to have more blog posts and news of screenings soon, so watch this space and please do repsost my trailer wherever you can…


i was asked to write a synopsis for my film for its first up coming screening – I cant wait for y’all to see it!
watch this space for trailer:

This half hour documentary profiles the experiences of the children of Lesbian and Gay parents in the UK aged 12 to 35, exploring themes of School, Gender, Sexuality, Prejudice and what the word Family means. Set alongside an examination of the rich history of Lesbian and Gay parents from the late 1960s to the present day this film at once normalises and elaborates on the unshared and unheard experiences of the children of Lesbian and Gay parents


Today finally felt like the first day of the new year to me, my horrid illness had lifted, I had a great meeting about another film project I am working on, I found out 2 short films I produced showed last weekend at The London Short Film Festival – Pigeon and You and Your Sister and best of all I started work on the film again, we digitised everything and watched it through and made a schedule and I feel much happier with the stuff we have and how to use it, really exciting – I have a Plan – plans make me happy, its the producer in me I guess.

I also have one more exciting interview lined up which I am really looking forward to and I am meeting up with the wonderful Nick Abrahams to talk about filming some super 8mm stuff for me – so yes, its all go. Thanks for sticking by this and reading… phew…

getting there

spent today cutting something to submit for the london lesbian and gay film festival, boy does everything take a long time! pheweee… we have something, a rough assembly, it needs a lot more, but at least we are getting somewhere – I learnt lots more today, but so much of it i still such a mystery, one thing is for sure, it definitely isn’t as easy as it looks on the TV…

Tomorrow I hand in and then I can start to relax for christmas, which will be spent who knows where if the weather stays as snowy as it is…

Must sleep now – but thanks for reading and for your comments…

Been listening to so much Arthur Russell recently, spurred on by Matt Wolf’s beautiful documentary, so pretty…

The version we have made thus far, has no grade, sound mix or archive, so goodness knows what they will think, but at least it has spurred me on to start making decisions about things… fun fun fun

Family Familiar

Today was another busy one, but very satisfying, I went and worked my day job in the morning and then came home and had lunch with my housemate and the baby, which was great as it took my mind of film things and gave me some space and then I spent an hour listening through the interview with Susan Golombok making notes and taking down the timecode, I have now really focused my themes which I am really excited about. I then braved the snow and went to Stevenage to visit my sister and interview her, not before feeding and putting the nieces to bed. It was so great to talk with my sister and hear her side, its exciting that this film about family is making my family closer – not to sound too sucky or anything… the interview went well and she was very good and to the point – I also got some lovely pictures from another interviewee today that are jsut perfect and I am looking forward to playing with them tomorrow as I spend the day with Dettie working on our film festival submission, I am excited to see what we worked on on Tuesday and to move forward….

Right, time to go to sleep at a reasonable hour….

Getting Somewhere?

Just got back from 4 hours of digitising and a bit of cutting, I really am learning so much about this film and film making, I know everyone says it, but if I could go back there is so much I would have done to make now much more manageable, but ho hum, Dettie is being very sympathetic and fingers crossed we will have something to show the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival by this Friday and it will all be worth it… I am really happy with how it looks and how things are working together, but there is so much to think about – content and substance, pace, telling a story, being likeable, making sense, aghhh the more I think about it the scarier it all feels – MUST MANAGE MY EXPECTATIONS, whilst at the same time not making excuses for how bad this all might turn out… words of wisdom appreciated… it’s really not like me to be so full of doubt, this feeling along with being the maker and not the producer and facilitator makes for a very foreign way of feeling… pic below a bit extreme, but a bit drama might do me some good, perhaps its what the film needs… it’s early days, I need to breathe… and stop with this internal monologue… I am watching The Susan Boyle Story on itvplayer for some inspiration…