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Teaser Trailer for Raising Hell

So here it is, the teaser trailer i made for my film about the children of lesbian and gay parents – I am excited to hear what you think, do let me know if you can think of anywhere or anyone who might like to do a screening, spread the word…

Raising Hell Teaser Trailer 2 from ed webb-ingall on Vimeo. better quality or else on youtube below:


whimsical animation tests 2

whimsical animation tests

Originally uploaded by edwebbingall

This is another test…

whimsical animation tests

whimsical animation tests

Originally uploaded by edwebbingall

I have been playing around with inter-title ideas and cutaways – how do we feel about these?

Too whimsical? I want it to be light and fun and a bit nostalgic at this point… hmmmmm – early days

Alison Bechdel

A constant source of inspiration… I wish I hadn’t read any of it so I could read it all again – I got an email of encouragement from her at the start of this project – swoon xx

sorry its such bad quality - better version to follow

Raising Hell, a documentary about and for the children of Lesbian and Gay Parents

A documentary that tells the often ignored and unknown story of the children of Lesbian and Gay parents from a personal and political viewpoint.

A cross section of young people talk about their experiences of being brought up in a ‘non traditional’ family 50 years since the word homosexual entered the public psyche and consciousness;

Through interviews with the children of Lesbian and Gay Parents along side interviews with Jeff Weeks, Susan Golombok and Gil Butler this film aims to tell the story and the history of the modern family.