Mom’s Apple Pie: The Heart of the Lesbian Mothers’ Custody Movement

I am really keen to see this film and perhaps work out a way to screen it with my film, it sounds great and really insightful

While the beginnings of the LGBT Civil Rights movement was gaining momentum, the 1970s witnessed horrific custody battles for lesbian mothers. Mom’s Apple Pie: The Heart of the Lesbian Mothers’ Custody Movement revisits the early tumultuous years of the lesbian custody movement through the stories of five lesbian mothers and their four children.

Narrated by Kate Clinton, the documentary interviews the sons and daughters who were separated from their mothers, the mothers themselves, and one woman who made the difficult decision to flee with her children. Founders of the Lesbian Rights Project (now the National Center for Lesbian Rights) and the Lesbian Mothers’ National Defense Fund recount the founding of their organizations in response to the bevy of court rulings granting custody to grandparents, fathers and distant relatives based on the belief that lesbians would be unfit parents. Rich with archival photos from JEB (Joan E. Biren) and Cathy Cade, the documentary also features music from iconic lesbian musicians Margie Adam, Alix Dobkin, Mary Watkins and Cris Williamson.


2 responses to “Mom’s Apple Pie: The Heart of the Lesbian Mothers’ Custody Movement

  1. Frameline distributes this film, and it was recently released on home video:

    It’s also available to educational customers with Public Performance Rights:

    I work for Frameline and saw this in my Google Alert — thanks for posting about it!

  2. jonathan turetsky

    does LMNDF still exist? I saw Holly Near in benefit concert in Seattle in 1977. I have friends marrying next month (yea, NYS!) and wanted to give a donation in their honor.

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