snow day blows

I have been planning on visiting the Lesbian and Gay Newspaper Archive today (LAGNA) in barnet, but due to snow they are closed, however, there is no snow in south london, i get all the bad bits with none of the fun bits. In some ways this is good as I have a tonne of reading to do and it would feel wrong to poo poo the great gift of time, but lately it seems that so many annoying technicalites have been getting in the way of the process that it is hard not to begin to lose sight – hey ho, maybe some reading will do me good and focus me again. On the list today I am going back to basics:

Refreshing myself with Nichols, Introduction to Documentary, Alan Rosenthal, Writing, Directing and producing documentary films and videos, Nichols, representing reality and Laura Rascaroli, The Personal Camera subjective cinema and the essay film.

fun right?

i hope some people reply to my emails today and make my day even better than it is panning out to be….


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