getting there

spent today cutting something to submit for the london lesbian and gay film festival, boy does everything take a long time! pheweee… we have something, a rough assembly, it needs a lot more, but at least we are getting somewhere – I learnt lots more today, but so much of it i still such a mystery, one thing is for sure, it definitely isn’t as easy as it looks on the TV…

Tomorrow I hand in and then I can start to relax for christmas, which will be spent who knows where if the weather stays as snowy as it is…

Must sleep now – but thanks for reading and for your comments…

Been listening to so much Arthur Russell recently, spurred on by Matt Wolf’s beautiful documentary, so pretty…

The version we have made thus far, has no grade, sound mix or archive, so goodness knows what they will think, but at least it has spurred me on to start making decisions about things… fun fun fun


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