Take some time

After my busy week, I was forced to take some time, by friends and circumstance, I have read some and watched back rushes and watched other documentaries, but tried not to worry so much and calm down…. it has worked well and I am excited to start next week with a day of editing with Dettie. I am mainly anxious about how on earth we will fit all the great stuff everyone has said into this film, to have people understand the personal as well as the political and social story that run alongside one another, each as important as each other – I am still keen for the film to have a tonal, visually essayistic style and not to simply be talking heads, which makes me think my idea of shooting some staged, narrative bits, somewhere between reenactment and re interpreting the history to bind the two stories together would be a good idea, but I dont want to overload the film, I need to remember SPACE is key… time to breathe, on that note, I ll leave you to contemplate whilst I go and have another mince pie and sit and ponder…..


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