Family Familiar

Today was another busy one, but very satisfying, I went and worked my day job in the morning and then came home and had lunch with my housemate and the baby, which was great as it took my mind of film things and gave me some space and then I spent an hour listening through the interview with Susan Golombok making notes and taking down the timecode, I have now really focused my themes which I am really excited about. I then braved the snow and went to Stevenage to visit my sister and interview her, not before feeding and putting the nieces to bed. It was so great to talk with my sister and hear her side, its exciting that this film about family is making my family closer – not to sound too sucky or anything… the interview went well and she was very good and to the point – I also got some lovely pictures from another interviewee today that are jsut perfect and I am looking forward to playing with them tomorrow as I spend the day with Dettie working on our film festival submission, I am excited to see what we worked on on Tuesday and to move forward….

Right, time to go to sleep at a reasonable hour….


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