Getting Somewhere?

Just got back from 4 hours of digitising and a bit of cutting, I really am learning so much about this film and film making, I know everyone says it, but if I could go back there is so much I would have done to make now much more manageable, but ho hum, Dettie is being very sympathetic and fingers crossed we will have something to show the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival by this Friday and it will all be worth it… I am really happy with how it looks and how things are working together, but there is so much to think about – content and substance, pace, telling a story, being likeable, making sense, aghhh the more I think about it the scarier it all feels – MUST MANAGE MY EXPECTATIONS, whilst at the same time not making excuses for how bad this all might turn out… words of wisdom appreciated… it’s really not like me to be so full of doubt, this feeling along with being the maker and not the producer and facilitator makes for a very foreign way of feeling… pic below a bit extreme, but a bit drama might do me some good, perhaps its what the film needs… it’s early days, I need to breathe… and stop with this internal monologue… I am watching The Susan Boyle Story on itvplayer for some inspiration…


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