Ed it edit

So the edit, where to begin, we were cutting the opening credits, it felt alot like cutting a music video without music, or animating because of the pace, I really enjoyed when it worked and found it frustrating when it didnt, but always very satisfying, Dettie, my editor, is a real trooper and seemed to not get ruffled by anything, we are a good match i think, i do enough ruffling for the two of us!

We had Sue Freidrich and Cheryl Dunye playing in the background and also the music of Arthur Russell which I was hoping would help… i am beginning to envisage the super 8mm bits I want to shoot and have showing under certain bits of audio – but feel I wont be able to shoot this until the end so I can get everything I need in one shoot to save money, time and resources…

I am excited to see her again on Tuesday to start planning and structuring the next chapter and introduction – after each bit i do i begin to realise how much of an undertaking this all is and am constantly working out my expectations, challenging myself whilst being realistic, it is an amazing learning curve, the kind of stuff that only makes sense in practice no matter how much forward planning and reading and research I do. phew…. watch this space i guess….


One response to “Ed it edit

  1. When do we get to preview the trailer?

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