Gill Butler and Susan Golombok

This week I am going to interview Gill Butler – her name has been in my head for many years now, she was my mother’s solicitor in the custody case for us kids, I am really interested in meeting her as I feel her role in my family history is important and interesting also on a wider level she has been a solicitor since 1979 and has represented lesbians and gay men for almost 30 years.  In the 1980s and 1990s Gill represented many lesbian mothers fighting for custody of their children and gay fathers seeking contact.  Gill also acted in the first adoption applications by lesbians and gay men.

Last week I met with Susan Golombok, another heroine of mine for a her research into the developmental effects of non traditional parenting. It was so great to talk with her and hear her thoughts on what makes  for good parenting and also to discuss the latest news about “lesbians making better parents”. She also gave me an amazing photcopy of an article from Spare Rib 1976- thanks sue!

image from


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